26 January 2012

A Theology of ‘Vox Christi’

Charles Harris Jr.
Vol. 1, No. 1 2012

It is painfully observable that some of the troubles with our world today have to do with trusting the Church to bring us into a relationship with Christ and being reassured that we are truly following His way. We hear some good things about the Christian way of life: selflessness, virtue, self-sacrifice, perseverance, integrity, paradox in the face of a fallen world, forgiveness of our sins and the ability to forgive others, endurance in persecution, etc. But we also hear the bad like how often those who pretend to speak in Christ’s name are only leading others astray into sentimentalism, scams, just another club, or something worse. So why do we need the Church in order to know Christ today, and why does this journal risk appearing presumptuous to speak with/in/as the “Voice of Christ?” ...

The full article is available in the printed subscriptions or as individual digital copies. Simply e-mail voxchristi@my.kenrick.edu if interested.

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