28 August 2012

New Website

Our new website is up and running. To keep up with Vox Christi visit our  new site, www.voxchristi.com

04 July 2012

Next Issue Just Around the Corner

The next issue is about to be released. It is not too late to still subscribe. If you wish to subscribe please email us at voxchristi@my.kenrick.edu . If you are a current subscriber we would love to hear your feedback. Check back in a few days to see what articles will be included.

03 May 2012

The Second Issue has arrived with an ISSN number

The Second Issue has arrived and we are in the process of shipping them out. In anticipation of the Second Issue we wanted to tell you about some exciting news. Since the release of the first issue we have applied for and received an ISSN number from the Library of Congress.

30 April 2012

Delayed Shipment

We are happy to announce that we changed printers for the second issue. Following further research we decided to print locally here in St. Louis. Your second issue of Vox Christi will appear the same. We ask for your patience in receiving your second issue. The issue is completed and at the printer but is a little delayed because we are working with this new printer. We would like to let you know that the next issue is delayed only a little due to the change in our printing company. We are confident these small kinks will be worked out by the summer issues. We hope to soon have the issues shipped out to you as soon as possible.

Thank you for the understanding,

Vox Christi Editors

24 April 2012

Out For Print

Yesterday we received word that the second issue of Vox Christi received the necessary Nihil Obstat and the request for the Imprematur has been sent to Archbishop Carlson. We hope to have your issue in your mailbox by early next week.

13 April 2012

Second Issue Almost Ready For Printing

The second issue of Vox Christi is nearly ready for printing, we are awaiting approval from the Archdiocese of St. Louis for the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur.

If you are interested in ordering a copy or beginning your subscription today, e-mail us at voxchristi@my.kenrick.edu!

Happy Easter!

12 March 2012

Online Subscriptions and Website

We are currently in the process of putting together a website of our own that will provide Vox Christi with its own space, look, and features. A few tech-skilled seminarians here at Kenrick-Glennon, as well as our professors and a friend of our community, are combining their talent and time for this project. We hope to have the site ready within two or three weeks, if not sooner. When it is launched, we will have the following made available:

  • Online Subscriptions with a credit/debit card through PayPal
  • All articles and issues will be hosted online for downloading, available through certain purchases
  • Forum for discussion, both about the content of Vox Christi and other pertinent topics
  • Create an account on our website to login the forum or in order to download items
  • Hosted on our www.kenrickparish.com server for easier navigation
We will let you know when the switch happens and help direct you to our new home.

-Vox Christi Editors