26 January 2012

Vocations in Wichita

Samuel Brand
Vol. 1, No. 1 2012

The Catholic Diocese of Wichita has had about 45 seminarians each year for the past five years. This statistic is astounding for many people. Some ask me questions like, “What does the diocese do? How do you recruit? Where do these men come from?” Having been a seminarian for 5 years I am asked these questions a lot and I offer many possible answers. First it is always “by God’s blessing.” It is the first answer because a call to the priesthood is foremost a gift that both the seminarian and Church receive from God. Other answers I offer are: “Our parishes constantly praying for vocations. We have many priests who are great role models. A large number of our parishes have Eucharistic adoration chapels. Our education, which helps us discern with great freedom, is made possible by the generous people of God.” ...

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