26 January 2012

Following Him to Calvary

Deacon Kevin Drew
Vol. 1, No. 1 2012

God has left the building. For several weeks in a row this fall, the Gospel took place in the Temple, where Christ taught the crowds, and battled the Pharisees. He’s now left it, and for the last time. He and his disciples will head down the steep Kedron Valley and then ascend to the Mount of Olives, just east of the Temple. The soil in the Kedron Valley had a reddish tint to it. Some have said this was due to the drains that were under the altars of sacrifice in the Temple. The main altar, way up high was something like 48 by 24 ft. That’s huge. Morning and evening priests offered sacrificial animals on it. These drains underneath carried all the blood and animal refuse away from the Temple and discharged it down into the valley. Perhaps Christ’s eyes were downcast as he crossed the Kedron, and his eyes gazed on the blood-red soil. Maybe he reflected that in a couple days his Blood, his Most Precious Blood, would redden the soil on Calvary. ...

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